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General Terms & Conditions

GTC/ disclaimer/ data security/ Impressum

General Terms & Conditions:

Art. 1 Introduction
The following Articels describe the conditions of usage of the website of "Yana's Online Shop" (the "company") by the visitor and the relation between the company and the visitor (the "customer").

Art. 2 No responsibility for technical problems
The company is not responsible for any hazard or damage that occurs at customer's technical device(s) (PC, cellphone, tablet etc). He has to take care about his equipment.

Art. 3 No responsibility for late delivery
The company is not responsible if the shipping company does not hold it's promised delivery time,
shipping time from Nueva Ecija differs from the place to be send and can take longer as expected!
The company is responsible for giving the parcel right in time after the customer's money did income.

Art. 4 Usage of Company's website by the visitor/customer
The customer is free to use company's website for looking for articels, enroll for company's newsletter, writing comments.

Art 5 Comments by the customer
The customer is free to write comments on the specific website.

The content may not infringe against laws or morality.

Comments can be deleted by the company without reason.

Art. 6 Buying Act/ Contract
The customer can collect items and put it in his virtual cart. When the customer finishes shopping and presses the "buy now"-button - or equivalent - a contract between the customer and the company becomes valid. Following to the civil law book the duty of the customer is to pay the bought items and the duty of the company is to deliver it after incoming money.

Art. 7 Bought articel not stored

If you ordered an articel that was shown in the shop but no longer available, then you receive the ordered items without the not existing one.

The company tries to buy the missing articel within two weeks and will send it to you when possible on it's own fee for delivery.

If it is not possible to get the missing articel within two weeks, the company sends you a new, reduced invoice and you receive possibly overpaid money back.

The payment used is the same that you used for paying, possible fees are taken by the company.

If a minimum order fee should be undershot beacuse of the missing item, the minimum order fee is then not of importance.

The order without the misssing articel is valid.

Art. 8 Prices and VAT
All prices of shop articels are in PHP and incl. VAT.

Art. 9 Copyrights
The customer has to inform the company about copyright violation on company's website before to take legal measures, so that the company has the possibility to eradicate the violation immediately.

Art. 10 Valid Law
The laws of the Republik of the Philippines are valid for all contracts between the company and customers.

Art. 11 Salvatoric clause
If any of the above clauses is not conform with valid law, then the other clauses do not lose their validity.

Gapan, September 2017

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