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How to shop
What you should know about safe shopping in the internet and seals.
We want that you can decide by yourself a little if a pament method is safe and what signals that the you can trust a shop owner!

Wide spread are seals like "trusted shop", "TUEV SUED" and others.
This seals give the customer the feeling that everything is ok with the shop and that means most of all with a secure transferring of money.
What this seals stand for you have to look more detailled.

You should know that a shop owner has to pay for a seal.
"TUEV SUED" takes a few thousand Euro (more than 100,000 PHP per year) for presenting their seal on the site.
"Trusted shop" is about 4,000 Pesos per month.
That's a lot of money for a small online shop...
We prefer to convince you with SSL-encryption, our service and appreciate a good rating in our guestbook.
Nevertheless many "seal-companies" certainly do a good job!

The seals we use are an information how the site is coded.
It's a technical informtion that wer need for improvement and has only few to do with security.
That has nothing to do with trust/ no trust.

"WoT" (Web of trust) members rate a web-site if they think it is a) sure and b) sure for children.
They must not know the online shop/site in practice, a short look at the pages is enough to rate it.
The idea is certainly good but only if many members of "WoT" rate then the result becomes real.
Else a concurrent xompany/ shop can rate a site as "not sure" and gives one star only.

"WoT" has a seal also. As much as we know it's free.
We would like to receive such kind of seal but only if a large number of people did vote.

Payment security:

The following categories are valid if you trust / dont trust the shop owner!
PayPal, paydirect: Safe / Safe
COD (collect on delivery): Safe (but expensive) / Not so safe (and expensive)
Bank transfer: Not safe / Not safe
Credit Card: Safe / Safe
WU: Safe (but costs more) / Not safe

Why is PayPal etc safe?
The problem of paying in the net is (hopefully) not the shop owner, it is the "unknown data thief".
The internet is open. If you send your banking informations a "data thief" will possibly notice it and use it for own buys with your account!
When using PayPal, paydiect etc then the datas sent do not contain information about your banking account, even your name is not transmitted via the net.
The datas sent are information that PayPal sends an amount to another PayPal-user (the shop owners account).
The encryption method uses the "RSA-algorithm".

After reading the following lines you will understand why we prefer PayPal; it is safe, you get your money back when it comes to problems,
we as shop receive the money at once and can start with packing the goods and ship them.
A PayPal account is free, there is a small fee that we as shop owner pay. For you it's free!

The good thing is that you don't send any information (beside of name, address) via the (open !) net.
But if the shop owner/ company is not trustful he/it could send you an empty box for that you payed short before to the delivery service!
If it's a trustful shop then it is safe but it costs extra fees!

Bank transfer:
Here we must make a difference if you use "conventional banking" or online banking.
When using online banking you send all information via the open net: Name, account number and normally a TAN.
(i)TAN - "transaction numbers" - are printed on paper and not safe.
A data thief works so:
For the short time of sending all your datas to your banking institute he redirects it to his own PC-system!
He receives the datas and not your bank.
Now he can use your name with your valid TAN for his own purpose!
Your bank never receives your order and the money will not be transfered to the shop.

Credit Card:
You send via the open net your credit card number and a 3 digit long PIN that is on the back of your card.
(AMEX uses 4 digits printed on the frontsite).

When you saend this datas through the open net the so called "Diffie-Hellmann Algorithmus" is used.
The encryption standard is TLS, a more modern standard as SSL!

(will be continued)

What you can expext/ have to look for:

A trustful shop owner always gives his correct address with contact possibilities.
A small online shop does not have a 24/7 service but is to reach!
The given information is right: Name(s), address, phone number, contact mail
A good shop owner registers the company at the responsible offices and will present it.
More over he has a good bookkeeping/accounting and pays the VAT to the state beside of the income tax.

Every online shop has to do with transferring money so an SSL is necessary (to see at the httpS://www...).
This "Secure Socket Layer" encryptes your datas when they are send to the shop.

At present we don't have an SSL but the shop is in the coding and testing phase: No real datas will be sent now!
From the moment we open the shop and articels are real and to buy, the URL-address (Internet-address) will be changed to "https://"
Never send sensible datas to a shop with http only.
The SSL costs a little but it is worth!
This encryption method is worth more than a seal !

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