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Our vison

is to help you to find the right products that will let appear your natural

beautyness for a real good price under best conditions even better.
Personal beauty is important for our health. The skin as our biggest organ

has to be protected of dangerous, toxic influences of the environment.
To consult you what kind of skin care is right for you, depending from your

skin type and what make up let grow up your beautyness, depending from

several different properties is our pashion.

Service is not only a word for us, it stands for our company.

Service does not simply mean that you get your products fast and safe

delivered, that's quite natural, it means that you can contact us and we will

find a solution for your specific, personal questions.

The order process is online exclusively ("The Shop"); you can see what you get

on your display and receive a summary of ordered items directly via mail

after typing the "buy now"-button.

So we divide personal consulting via phone and your personal

ordering process online.

The products we offer are high quality brands.
Nevertheless we try to hold the prices at an adequate level!
Try us, like us.

Yana's Online Shop
Your Online Shop for Beauty products in the Philippines
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